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To read a brief description about this game, click on the Download Now button, then click: No thanks, just take me to the downloads and download the first .pdf item: Qua Game Description.pdf. Enjoy!

Feel free to download and printout the Print & Play  Qua™ Game Playsheets for free.  These playsheets can be played as "paper & pencil" games with two of your friends. A kickstarter campaign for Qua may be coming in a few months (end of December 2019?). Donations now will count towards Qua Kickstarter Reward Levels if I do a kickstarter campaign.

The 3x3x3 Qua game has a lot of forced moves and frequently ends in a Kingmaker situation. I recommend playing a match of 6 games, one for each possible game turn order for three players, to determine who wins. Another possibility is to play either the Qua Misère or Dice Qua game variants for 3x3x3 Qua games.

The 4x4x4 Qua Game challenges players' 3-D visualization skills and requires significant abstract strategy ability to anticipate the other players' moves. The 2nd and 3rd players need to cooperate and notice when the 1st player makes a double threat two of their moves away using empty cells. Otherwise, the 1st player will have a forced win the other two players cannot stop. This is also true if 2nd or 3rd players can make the same strategic double threat play using empty cells.

In playtesting, 5x5x5 Qua games are consistently voted as being the most fun. It is still easy to overlook threats that cross multiple levels. Games rarely last more than 10 minutes.

Qua games can be played cooperatively, where the game objective is to help each other make connections, so all three players can be winners.

–Woody, Qua Games inventor

P.S.  If you enjoy playing Qua, a donation would be welcome and appreciated :-)


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Qua Game Description.pdf 512 kB
QUA, A Kingmaker’s Quandary.pdf 92 kB
3x3x3 Game of Qua™ Playsheet.pdf 90 kB
4x4x4 Game of Qua™ Playsheet.pdf 79 kB
5x5x5 Game of Qua™ Playsheet.pdf 100 kB
7x7x7 Game of Qua™ Playsheet.pdf 103 kB
3D_Qua_Game_Play_Instructions.pdf 836 kB
QuaCube.JPG 1 MB
PlayPiece1.JPG 335 kB
PlayPiece2.JPG 1 MB
PlayPiece3.JPG 1 MB
2D_Qua_Game_Play_Instructions.pdf 468 kB
Qua 2-D Game Board Layout.jpg 75 kB
4x4x4 Qua Cube game board picture.jpg 1 MB
4x4x4_Qua_Game_Play_Instructions.pdf 1 MB
Qua Logo game play pieces.JPG 2 MB

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