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Please download and printout the free Print & Play  Qua™ Game Playsheets. They can be played as "paper & pencil" games with two of your friends. A kickstarter campaign for 3-D and 2-D versions of Qua (see pictures) may be coming in a few months. Donations now will count towards Qua Kickstarter Reward Levels if I do a kickstarter campaign.

The 3x3x3 Qua game has a lot of forced moves and frequently ends in a Kingmaker situation. Therefore, I recommend playing Qua Misère on the 3x3x3 Qua game boards and Playsheets. Or, play the Dice Qua game variant.

The 4x4x4 Qua Game is a good balance between amount of time to play and use of abstract strategy skills. 

The 5x5x5 Qua game is more competitive. However, it is easy to overlook a winning threat (or double threat!) that crosses multiple levels. Games rarely last more than 45 moves (15 for each player).

Qua games can be played cooperatively, where the game objective is to help each other, so all three players connect their two cube faces before the game is over.

I am currently looking for someone to develop a mobile app for Qua as part of a potential kickstarter campaign.

–Woody, Qua Games inventor


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QUA, A Kingmaker’s Quandary.pdf 92 kB
3x3x3 Game of Qua™ Playsheet.pdf 90 kB
4x4x4 Game of Qua™ Playsheet.pdf 79 kB
5x5x5 Game of Qua™ Playsheet.pdf 100 kB
7x7x7 Game of Qua™ Playsheet.pdf 103 kB
3D_Qua_Game_Play_Instructions.pdf 836 kB
QuaCube.JPG 1 MB
PlayPiece1.JPG 335 kB
PlayPiece2.JPG 1 MB
PlayPiece3.JPG 1 MB
2D_Qua_Game_Play_Instructions.pdf 468 kB
Qua 2-D Game Board Layout.jpg 75 kB
4x4x4 Qua Cube game board picture.jpg 1 MB
4x4x4_Qua_Game_Play_Instructions.pdf 1 MB
Qua Logo game play pieces.JPG 2 MB

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